"Dark Magic comes in many forms, all of which are designed to harm my enemies. I've reached eternal mastery... I can kill with a single curse. Why do you forbid that I use this power? Have you not used your mastery for the last hundred battles we've fought in?"

—Zaktan to Cristo

Conjuration Edit

Conjuration Elemental Incantation Effect
Flames Fire None Spews controlled flames from the caster's wand.
Fireball Fire None Conjures a ball of fire that is slung towards a target area.
Fiendfyre Fire None Conjures a bewitched flame of abnormal size and heat, in the shape of a predatory creature, infused with dark magic, capable of seeking out living targets.

Alteration Edit

Alteration Spiritual Incantation Effect
Dark Repulse Shadow None Sends an omnidirectional shockwave that stuns all

opponents in a small radius.

Bombarding Charm None Bombarda Provokes a small explosion to damage strong


Confundus Charm None Confundus Causes confusion in a person or bewitches an


Supplication Edit

Supplication Spiritual Incantation Effect
Dark Guidance Shadow Zodak Hira Nosan Nodathomyr Requests guidance of Zaktan.
Dark Summons Shadow Hira Kanaha No Rapyr Demona Summons a demon.
Resurrection Shadow Kakana Kroka No Dathyr Drakano Resurrects a fallen raper.

Curses Edit

Curse Spiritual Incantation Effect
Blasting Curse None Confringo Causes anything that the spell comes into contact with to explode.
Reductor Curse None Reducto Blasts solid objects into pieces. It is rather easy to reduce a target to a fine mist or a pile of ashes.
Paralysis Curse None Petrificus Totalus Instantly paralyzes the opponent.
Cruciatus Curse Shadow Crucio Inflicts intense, excruciating pain on the victim.
Laceration Curse Shadow Sectumsempra The equivalent of an invisible sword; it is used to slash the victim from a distance, causing deep wounds.
Killing Curse Soul Avada Kedavra Causes instantaneous, painless death.