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Magic is a form of Fuckery studied by mages, wizards, and priests alike. Those who wish to study the magical arts are sent to Garrick Firenza's School of Magic where they undergo two to five years of training. Only the most ambitious students choose to dedicate themselves to the Wizard's Guild where they take a vow of fealty in service to the Grand Wizard, Professor Albus Dumbledore.

Overview Edit

Magic is distributed into two categories: Physical Magic and Psychological Magic

Physical Magic Edit

Physical Magic is made up of three forms of magic: Light, Neutral or Dark. Light magic draws power from the user's pleasant emotion such as happiness but can also draw from peace and tranquility. Light magic usually produces supportive magical effects such as shields as well as various healing abilities. Dark magic draws power from harsh emotion such as anger but can also draw from pain. Dark magic usually produces destructive magical effects such as flames and explosions. Neutral magic draws power from both light and dark emotion. Neutral magic produces magical effects that must be created with light emotion but used with dark emotion or vice versa. Two such effects are freezing and stunning.